Mondo Techno - (mostly) relaxed electronic dance music moving between classic techno, acid house, electronica, experimental and dub themes.

Mondo Techno is created by Yorkshire based mixed media artist Henry Jaremko. Having been active in music in the early 80's and on and off continuously though informally since then, in 2015 a public release emerged of experimental (mostly) relaxed dance music.

Mondo Techno is not primarily a commercial excercise. But there is an aim to get the music heard and hence the marketing via as many popular music listening platforms as access is available to. By staying away from purely commercial motivations it leaves the music free to go where it wants to rather than to have to remain obedient to market demands.

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Thank you for your interest and listening to the music which is valued above all else.


If you have no money to spend but wish to show support please LIKE our Facebook Page and stream our music as much as possible on the streaming platforms - Rdio, Spotify etc.

If you wish to do more and have money, you can support and help with the production of more Mondo Techno music. Do this by purchasing via Bandcamp or buying CD's from the website. These two routes are the most direct and best where we get the maximum share of the money you pay. Alternatively the music is available fairly widely via iTunes and other platforms. If you do not want copies but just want to donate then please use Bandcamp to do so or contact us and we'll send you an email address you can send paypal donations to.

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